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A Republican Congressional Campaign based on Common Sense.

Why is Common Sense so Uncommon in Washington?

I don't have an answer for that question.  What I do know is that my solution provides for common sense.  Things like term limits, leaner government, a government accountable for overspending,  a balanced budget.  The simple stuff really.

How is this for Common Sense?

You can follow me in real-time.  Why not?  Seems like common sense to me for someone to want to get to know a candidate.  I'm an open book, and you can see for yourself by following me on your favorite social media app.  Don't be shy either, reach out to me and I'll write back!

Did you know that Congress was originally dubbed "The People's House"?

Time for a little history.  In 1789, after much debate, the Great Compromise was reached allowing for the creation of Congress, or the "lower house".  Elected members of Congress were originally intended to have their finger on the pulse of their districts and be an effective voice of the people in our nation's capitol.  It isn't working out like that though, at least not in Alabama's 3rd District.  You might think that because we can elect new representation every two years we would be guaranteed "fresh" representation.  Not so politicians have managed to become re-elected year after year even though their approval rating is a miserable 13%!


It is my intention, if elected, to return Congress to the make it once again The People's House.  I will not accomplish this by succumbing to the status quo, but rather using Common Sense approaches to representing our citizens.  Common Sense like listening to the people of Alabama's 3rd District and being their voice in Washington.


Rally with me and take back The People's House!

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Thomas Casson

Tireless Common Sense Crusader.


Hi.  I'm Thomas Casson.  I live in Auburn, AL with my wife Lorra and our five adopted children.  For a long time I have watched our government overspend and bicker back and forth at the detriment of our nation's credibility and our citizen's suffering.  I thought to myself, we are simply missing the common sense pieces of the puzzle.  Take term limits or a balanced budget.  Term limits stop the bloating of our government by eliminating career politicians.  As for a balanced budget...that is the most common of common sense!  You can't run your home, much less a country, without a budget.  That is only the tip of the iceberg for me.


If elected, I will serve diligently to restore the vision of our founding fathers.


Please support my efforts to serve you by actively following me on social media or clicking my donation button.  Either way your support is greatly appreciated.

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Thomas Casson...

Common Sense

for Congress.

My Philosophy

Returning  a common sense approach to an out of control and reckless government.  If our system of government was created by the people, for the people, then now is the time for us to reclaim The People's House.

Casson for Congress


Join me as I try to return a voice to the hard working people of Alabama's 3rd Congressional District.


PO Box 525, Auburn, AL   36831


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